State of the Art Dental Technology

Digital X-Rays in

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays use a digital image capture device in place of traditional film, sending an image immediately to a computer. The result is a highly-detailed image of the mouth, and its contrast and resolution can be enhanced to more easily diagnose dental problems and determine the best treatment with less radiation.

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Cone Beam CT Imaging in

Panoramic X-Rays

We have the ability to take extra oral x-rays and panoramic x-rays which are used for patients who may be unable to take x-rays the traditional way and allow us to see the teeth from different views and angles.

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Intra-Oral Scanner  in

Intra-Oral Scanner

The Intra-Oral Scanner allows us to take impressions without the messy impression material that may cause nausea or gagging. It can help us diagnose misaligned teeth and get treatments started much faster. Our scanner can also help us plan and build beautiful smiles to meet your treatment goals.

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Cone Beam CT Imaging in

CEREC Same Day Crowns

This is a proven technology that gives us the ability to mill and place a crown in just a single office visit. It employs 3D scanning to capture a digital image of your tooth and then craft a crown that matches the shape, size, and shade of your tooth in one convenient appointment.

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Laser Dentistry in

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry has become increasingly popular because it offers many benefits for both dentists and patients. It's an innovative technique used in dental care to provide patients with more precise, minimally invasive, and more effective treatments.

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