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A tooth that is broken, damaged, or in general poor condition can be harmful to your health. Dental crowns restore a tooth in both form and function.

Dental crowns are almost exactly the way they sound – a crown, or cap, for your tooth. Dental crowns help restore a tooth, resulting in a truly aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Here are some of the reasons you need a dental crowns:

Reasons for crowns:

  • Tooth that is broken or fractured.
  • Decayed teeth.
  • Cosmetic Benefits.
  • Large or Fractured fillings.
  • Root canal.

Restore Your Smile Today

Crowns allow dentists to restore form and function to your tooth without needing to perform an extraction. It is always best to save as much real tooth/enamel as possible. 

The Dental Crown Placement Process

This process begins with a consult and exam where we develop a plan for you. We treat any decay or infection prior to the placement of the crown to ensure a favorable prognosis. We take digital scans to ensure a precise fit for your tooth and an aesthetic design instead of goopy impression material.

Once your crown is fitted appropriately, you can again be confident about your dental health and your amazing smile. If you have any questions about Dental Crowns in South Plainfield & Denville, NJ, please call our office at South Plainfield: 732-826-1095; Denville: 973-625-3335.

Same Day Crowns in South Plainfield & Denville, NJ


Cerec One-Visit Crowns

Yes, It's Possible! What if I told you that broken or misshapen tooth you’ve been living with forever could be fixed? What if I told you a crown could be made that looks EXACTLY like a tooth you were born with? Now, what if I told you it could be done in one visit? With CEREC crowns it is all possible.

What are the benefits to a one-visit CEREC crown?

Where do I start? First off, the process only takes ONE VISIT. Traditional crowns can take two weeks for the permanent replacement to be finished. That means you would have to come back multiple times. No one wants to spend multiple lunch breaks or take time off work to go to the dentist.

Secondly, you get to pass on the highly-enjoyable mouthful of impression putty. All jokes aside, impression putty is not only awful to sit through, there is also a great margin of error that can occur between the impression and making your new crown. Our high-definition model captures detail down to the thousandths of millimeters. Grinding down a traditional crown – while it’s in your mouth – for bite adjustment is old school.

Thirdly, CEREC crowns match the material, color and texture of your actual teeth. No more metal mouth and unsightly big, dark lines at the gumline are a thing of the past! CEREC crowns look like a tooth you were born with!

Same Day Crowns in South Plainfield & Denville, NJ

If you’re in South Plainfield & Denville, NJ or surrounding areas, please call our office at South Plainfield: 732-826-1095; Denville: 973-625-3335. to get more information about in South Plainfield & Denville, NJ.

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